SHIPYARD IN VIETNAM – Vuotsong, expertise and reliability

Vuot Song Shipyard has been established in 2000, in Vietnam. Since then, Vuot Song has completed the construction of several boats such as tugboats, barges, fishing boats, speed boats, cruise boats and yachts. Vuot Song is now among the top renowned shipyard in Asia and the biggest shipyard in New Caledonia and Pacific Islands.

At Vuot Song, we believe boats have a soul revealing from day to day through the dream of their owners, the hands of our artisans, the creativity and imagination of our architects and designers. With our diversity and knowledge in the shipbuilding industry, Vuot Song is a reliable supplier and experienced company.

Today, we are proud of our perseverance, proud of the boats leaving the shipyard, proud of our client’s pleasure sailing on these vessels and imbued with our will to always excel and most of all to keep doing this art that requires skills and styles. If there is one reason why our company reached this capacity, it will be passion. Without our passion for boats and navigation, Vuot Song would not be at this stage of recognition.

Vuot Song employs 600 workers and 400 subcontracted workers all year long and received in 2007 the ISO 9002 certification. Vuot Song works under the control of Vietnamese VIRES, Bureau VERITAS and French Maritime affairs. The shipyard has at its disposal a 61.450m2 construction area and 105.036m2 land area with a 181m dry dock, 2 cranes of 300T and 50T, a 180m slipway, a CNC plasma cutting and steel products pre treatment line and primer shop, a vertical turret and bending 3 roller machine.


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