Vuot song Shipyard | Hella marine LED lights
Vuot Song Maritime distributes Hella marine LED lights in Vietnam and Pacific Rim
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Hella marine – LED marine lights

Hella marine is a worldwide marine lighting specialist represented by over 30 sales companies in 40 countries. Hella Marine designs and manufactures innovative lighting solutions for the marine, commercial transport and automotive sectors using advanced LED technology.

Over a decade of LED expertise is now being channelled into sophisticated navigation and lighting systems. With these products, Hella marine is a supplier to yacht and powerboat manufacturers, marine re-sellers and commercial fleets around the world.

The Hella marine vision is to provide world leading marine lighting products that set benchmarks for quality, reliability, safety and energy efficiency and to meet customer expectations for outstanding service and support.

At sea, power is often a scarce resource. Highly efficient LED lighting has a substantial role to play in conserving energy and enhancing a vessel without sacrificing functionality or compromising safety.

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