Vuot song Shipyard | Seematz - Searchlight and wipers
Vuot Song Maritime distributes seematz wipers and searchlights in Vietnam and Pacific Rim
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Seematz – Marine searchlight and wipers

The company Pesch Marinescheinwerfer was founded in 1970 by Mr. Hans-Peter Pesch.

Starting with the development and production of electronic measurement devices, the focus was quickly laid on the production of searchlights for marine use. The SEEMATZ searchlights as well as the SEEMATZ wipers were continuously developed in order to always be able to offer an ideal product. For over 40 years now, SEEMATZ stands for highly efficient solutions regarding searchlights and wipers in professional application.

  • Searchlights from 150 to 7000 Watt
  • Wipers from 375 to 4025mm wiper length
  • 40 years of experience